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Muslims all around the world have one thing in common, and that is to perform Hajj once in their life. It is their earnest desire to visit the sacred places of Mecca and Medina and have the blessings bestowed on them from Allah SWT. However, many Muslims are unable to perform Hajj because of inflated prices. Ahmed Travels feels proud in removing all barriers of the Muslims, either physiological or financial, by providing carefully designed Hajj packages London

Hajj Packages

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Why Book Hajj Packages With Ahmed Travels?

Our dedicated team of experts will work effortlessly to develop options that are suitable and fulfil your every demand. This includes handling the visa process, flight reservation, hotel accommodation, comfortable camps, satisfied transportation until the first day of Qurbani. Your tailored packages are further ameliorated to make sure that there is no arduous left that can make your journey stressful and difficult. 

Ahmed Travels have a separate team of experts who keep themselves abreast with the new procedures and policies whenever they are amended by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. They will expertly handle all the embassy related issues. Along with taking care of all the required documentation and filling up the application form. We take full responsibility in timely presenting your passport in the embassy. And ensure your Saudi Hajj visa is accepted before your departure date. 

So we congratulate you on planning your Hajj  and choosing us for your service. Our dedicated team work whole year in planning exceptional packages that will work best for you.

Places You WIll Visit…

• Walking Tour of Makkah

Birth place of Rasool (PBUH)
Masjid Jinn
Khadija (as) burial site
Masjid new extension
Exhibition of 2 holy mosque (if open)

• Ziyarah of Makkah

Cave of Hira
Cave of Thaur
Jannatul Mualla
Jabal E Rahma
Masjid Namira

Walking Tour of Madinah

Masjid Imam Abu Hanifah
Holy Quran Exhibition Centre
Jannatul Baqi
Burial place of Rasool (PBUH) and his 2 companions
Masjid Nabawi

Ziyarah of Madinah

Masjid Ghamama
Masjid Quba
Masjid Qiblatain
Seven Masjids
Mount Uhud
Burial site of Uhud
Salman Farsi date garden

Experience The Most Professional Hajj Packages London Facilities Specially Crafted

Flight Reservation

With Ahmed Travels comfortable and convenient direct flight service is what you are first going to experience. Therefore for this purpose, we have also had a separate department that solely focuses on reserving your Hajj flights. Our experts will keep an eye on all the available seats of various airlines that offer connecting flights at very economical prices. 

Our expert team will also make sure that your departure and arrival flight dates oblige to your holiday schedule. So arranging the cheapest Hajj flights is the responsibility of our expert team. Forget all the worries and trust our competent agents to book your flights.


Booking Accommodation

After reserving the flights, the next thing that concerns is the accommodation. Our team of expert travel agents are familiar with the importance of accommodation in Mecca and Medina. Therefore it is essential to reserve your desired hotel as soon as possible before it gets fully booked. Our expert agents can also handle this process. And will find out the hotel that has the best room rent and additional amenities. They will provide all the latest information related to room rents. Also, along with the best suggestion to book the rooms for Hajj to have a comfortable stay at the best price.


Arrange Transportation

Just after landing at Saudia Arabia the sacred land of our beloved Prophet PBUH, the first hassle which every individual encounter is getting transport from Jeddah airport to take you to Makkah. And it turns into more problematic for the foreigners. At Ahmed Travel the Hajj packages also equipped with the facility of transportation. We will arrange your transport in luxurious and comfortable vehicles. Having the prearranged transportation that is handled by our experts that manages time makes things smooth and easy, and our valued consumer feels more confident and satisfied. 

Moreover, our expert always makes certain that your desired luxury vehicle is available at your service every time you need the transportation facility. Along with this facility, our experts also ensure that the price should remain very economical rather than expected high prices during Hajj days.


Arranging Maqtab 

The principal part of your Hajj trip starts from eighth of dhul hijjah when you leave Mecca for Mina. Although the gap from Mecca to Mina camps is just 13 miles, it takes an entire day to reach there. After you get there, it is essential that you must get your camp prepared and a comfortable one with all the essential necessities. We are acquainted with the importance of your comfort at that time. So this responsibility is also handled by our experts. Our committed experts are responsible for arranging the maqtab with your needed facilities. Our professionals are in direct coordination with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to make certain all the required facilities are assured to be provided. Ahmed Travel also arranges a representative that is available always available at your service. They will guide you and make all things smooth for you.

So why waste your time searching for a good and best Hajj packages when we are offering the one. We are experienced and know how to make things easier for our customers. Once you contact us, we begin our work so you can focus on other things.


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