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Holy Kaba is the nucleus of Muslim ummah and holds the important place in every Muslim’s heart around the world. Every Muslim has a desire to perform Hajj and visit the house of Allah. This enables them to revitalise the spiritual feeling, reconnect and feel the presence of his creator by holding the Ghilaf e Kaaba. It is the 5th pillar of Islam and the best way of worshipping Allah Almighty and expiating sins. So if you are planning to perform Hajj then view our cheap Hajj packages.

Hajj Packages

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Perform the Hajj With Ahmed Travels

Ahmed Travels is one of the most reliable travel agency in London and has the privilege and honour of serving the Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe. The company has been for 35 years successfully serving the Muslims by strictly following the company core ethics of providing best and affordable Hajj packages. Satisfied clients and happy pilgrims are what we strive for. Our teams in London and Saudi Arabia will be there to accommodate all of your necessities.

Ahmed Travels will fulfil the dreams by safely taking you to the destination to perform Hajj. We ensure to make your journey the most memorable one by giving you professional and efficient services. For us, you properly performing your Hajj is our aim and objective. We are highly grateful to our customers for showing trust in us. And assisting us to achieve success in providing high-quality services.

Places You WIll Visit…

• Walking Tour of Makkah

Birth place of Rasool (PBUH)
Masjid Jinn
Khadija (as) burial site
Masjid new extension
Exhibition of 2 holy mosque (if open)

• Ziyarah of Makkah

Cave of Hira
Cave of Thaur
Jannatul Mualla
Jabal E Rahma
Masjid Namira

Walking Tour of Madinah

Masjid Imam Abu Hanifah
Holy Quran Exhibition Centre
Jannatul Baqi
Burial place of Rasool (PBUH) and his 2 companions
Masjid Nabawi

Ziyarah of Madinah

Masjid Ghamama
Masjid Quba
Masjid Qiblatain
Seven Masjids
Mount Uhud
Burial site of Uhud
Salman Farsi date garden

The Spectacular, and the Outstanding Cheap Hajj Packages.

Ahmed Travels is also grateful to Allah Almighty for giving us the opportunity of serving our Muslims brothers and sisters for decades. Moreover, our hajj packages are expertly designed with details to offer the best services available for Hajj from the UK.

With Ahmed Travels, your Hajj tour is carefully planned. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ rightly said that every step you are taking in the direction of the Holy Kaabah, Allah writes it as a good deed.


Ahmed Travels Bring Affordable Hajj Packages in the Most Reasonable Rates

Ahmed Travels provides the best hajj packages in the UK that cater to the requirements of every pilgrim. Book your Hajj package now and also get a detail information and training kit for Hajj rituals.

Moreover, we also offer tailor-made packages to fulfil the requirements of every Muslim. Our company mission is to get the pleasure of Allah by helping his believers in fulfilling their religious obligations. Ahmed Travels will be your accomplice to help in every way possible. 


Best Hajj Package to get from the UK to Saudi Arabia

We are one of the reliable and reputable names for Hajj from London, therefore, we provide an extensive range of best Hajj packages. Our Hajj packages are carefully planned and properly prearranged. Also, our travel agency is accepted by the ministry of Hajj of Saudi Arabia. These are the reasons due to which our clients prefer our travel agency and benefit from our cheapest hajj deals. You are going on the best holy voyage of your life, and we are right here to support you by providing the hajj package that includes high-quality amenities that will make your journey unforgettable.

We assure you that we provide package deals that will suit your needs, that is highly affordable and will give you freedom. We really appreciate your feedback as it is one of the main reasons behind the success of our cheap hajj package. 

So avail the benefits of our package deals and perform your Hajj in a smooth and convenient way. If you have any uncertainities, we will be happy to clarify them.



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