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 Al Aqsa mosque

Al Aqsa mosque is in Jerusalem. The Prophet Ibrahim, peace and blessings are upon him, built it or ordered Al-Aqsa to be built. Everyone can visit the Al-Aqsa mosque. People with different religions other than Islam can view the mosque from the outside.

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The Aqsa packages by Ahmed tours

On the list of other travel agencies, Ahmed tours have a great reputation. Our company offers Aqsa packages at a very reasonable price that, lies within your budget. Do we have answers to your all queries like, how do I buy a ticket for visiting Al-Aqsa? Should I need to book the online ticket before travel? How much do I have to pay for the entire visiting tour? Do the trains or planes for traveling or visiting Al-Aqsa have WI-FI or not? How many Aqsa packages you have?

Ahmed tours are offering Aqsa packages in a very cost-effective way. We will discuss with you a detailed plan for your visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque. Ahmed tours can turn your dream of visiting the Al Aqsa mosque into reality. Our Aqsa packages are reasonable in price but high in standard.

Well-planned visit

Ahmed tours is serving visitors for years. We never failed in making your visit memorable. Our travel agency has well-planned Aqsa packages. The packages by Ahmed tours include visa, flight, hotel booking, and transportation. 

Why choose us?

Ahmed tour is offering a hassle-free and comfortable visit to the Al Aqsa mosque. All you have to do is contact us for getting information about the visiting criteria to Al Aqsa mosque. We have well-educated travel agents. All the travel agents know all the routes very well and are very friendly to talk with. Our travel will pick you up from the airport and also helps you in the immigration and customs processes. Ahmed tours will provide you with lodgings in a classy hotel. The travel agents of our company will be with you throughout the tour and cater to you. We make sure to serve you with excellent services.

Visit Al-Aqsa from the United Kingdom

One cannot manage to travel to the Al-Aqsa mosque from the United Kingdom. The travel agencies will give you vital information regarding your visit to Al-Aqsa. There are many travel agencies but, Ahmed tours are the best option to go for.


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Ahmed tours are giving Aqsa packages at a very reasonable price by maintaining the quality standards. For a stress-free visit to the Al Aqsa mosque, choose us.



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