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Hajj is the ultimate pillar of Islam, one which constitutes all the other pillars. Every etiquette of a Muslims character are imbedded in this Ibadah. What is expected of a Muslim to cross the final hurdle on the Day of Judgment is gloriously promoted by it. Therefore its importance cannot be overestimated. Allah Decrees in the Qur’an – 

“ And proclaim to the people the Hajj [pilgrimage]; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every distant pass.”

The above was the Decree given by Allah to Ibrahim [AS]. The Decree that has attached the ritual of Hajj to the memories of Ibrahim [AS]. The main purpose of Hajj is the advocating of the Oneness of Allah and there is rarely a better example than the friend of Allah, Ibrahim [AS] when it comes to this. Allah [SWT] expects the condition of a person during the ritual of Hajj to be such that someone looking at him should automatically think that this Haji is psychotic. Allah says only such persons Hajj is accepted and He clarifies that it is because of the true nature of this persons love for Allah that has made him forget his surrounding and worldly desires. Hence why Allah [SWT] forgives him and enters his name in the heavenly scrolls.

Due to the emotional demand of this journey hajj packages must be properly checked before purchasing. Just relying or focusing on cheap hajj packages should not be the remit of this scrutiny. Primarily it is important to concentrate on the experience of the hajj packages tour operator, whether they are Hajj Ministry approved and also ATOL protected. Thereafter concentrating on the constituents of the hajj packages in terms of what is being provided and what is not should be deliberated upon. Some companies advertise cheap hajj packages that do not include the basics such as – flight, Qurbani, food. It does not require mastery on the subject to understand that all three are equally important to successfully complete this journey.

Ahmed Tours has been providing hajj packages for more than 30 years now. When compared to a like for like package ours can be truly classified as cheap hajj packages, because they contain all the ingredients and essentials for hajj packages at a very modest price. Ours is a good name in the market, with years of experience and know how, coupled with good prices and most importantly guidance at every stage. If you want to perform the rituals and rites of Hajj as accurately as possible then our guidance is unparalleled. We have a team of Shaikhs dedicated to your service and ensuring that every stage is done properly. After all all the luxuries are irrelevant if the Hajj was not perform correctly. 

Hajj packages

Hajj packages

Cheap hajj packages

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